About Vandalize Apparel

Vandalize Apparel  ❤ 

Since 2010 Vandalize has been making clothing into art.  

In fact, the right fabrics make a great canvas to create amazing clothing that are stylish and easy to wear. 

Anytime day or night - work & play we got you covered @ Vandalize Apparel.

Made in the USA in NYC.  

NYC Subway Map Jacket







 Vandalize Hand Painted Clothing NYC


Spoken - Vandlˌīz   |  verb
To deliberately destroy or damage - public or private property.  
In our case we simply make plain clothing into works of art that are fashionable yet functional . 

Ap·par·el /
Spoken - 
əˈperəl   | noun
Clothing, clothes, garments, dress, attire, wear, garb, getup, outfit, gear, togs, duds, threads. whatever you call it we refer to as apparel and we hand paint it.


We create original works of art and then hand paint them on Jeans, Jackets, Skirts, Tops and Dresses for every day wear or special occasions.  

Our designs have been featured in fashion magazines, blogs, and all over this cool and hipster world.  Even a few celebrities have worn our garments. 

All of our designs painted on fabric using special paint and techniques developed over the years. And yes, all of our clothing is machine washable and is very durable.

Located in NYC we ship our clothing via UPS and Fed-X all over the world.

You can safely purchase our products online through secure web store - and if for any reason you are not satisfied, we gladly accept returns for up to 30 days from your purchase.  

Thanks for looking at our designs -- and share the good word on social media with your friends and get free shipping.